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Microinjection instructions

Welcome to notes about the microinjection system that arrived 16 April 2004.  

If you used the other microinjection systems by Eppendorf, you will see a few changes.

The biggest difference in feel of operation is that from the Home position the needle must be moved to the left before it can be moved down.  This is because one of the motors is axial (which means at a 45 degree angle).

You may use this to your advantage (I think moving diagonally is nifty).  But if you cannot zig when you should be zagging, don't use it.  To turn Axial on and off, use the Axial button!  Light on means on.  Light off means off.
axial-button.gif (6582 bytes)

The condensor must be mounted sideways:
condenser1.jpg (29462 bytes) condenser2.jpg (32199 bytes)


To set the Z limit, just press one button.  To unset or cancel the Z limit, press the same button.
zlimit.gif (17843 bytes) limit.gif (7460 bytes) zlimit2.gif (18358 bytes) limit.gif (7460 bytes) zlimit.gif (17843 bytes)
No Z limit is set. Hitting this button sets the Z limit to the current position. Z limit is set at -5639 um. Hitting this button cancels the Z limit. Read the bottom of the screen; no Z limit is set.

Other things to know:


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