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Most principal investigators receive a bill listing under one name all the work done for the month. However, if we know in advance of the month, bills can be provided with itemization per user and with a unique grant number per user. This can be very useful for large laboratories with multiple projects and funding sources.

All services are available on a first-come first-served basis.

In general, before using the AIF, please make an appointment with Frank and Michael to discuss your project.  This can help guarantee high quality and useful data from your first interaction with the AIF.


Fees / Rates

A standard annual 3% fee increase was agreed by the advisory committee in June 1999. 

The fees in this table are effective July 1, 2006.

Service Assisted Training Unassisted
$97/hr $67/hr $36/hr
Video or Digital Microscopes
Image Analysis
$97/hr $67/hr $30/hr
Routine light microscopy $97/hr $67/hr $500/year unlimited use
Standard TEM/SEM $97/hr $97/hr $59/hr
Tecnai 20 TEM $120/hr $120/hr $70/hr

By concensus of the Advisory Committee, due to the current funding situation there will be no rate increase in 2007.

Investigators who do not have appointments at Albert Einstein College of Medicine or at closely affiliated institutions pay 200% of posted fees.

The cost of supplies may fluctuate without notice due to price changes imposed on us from suppliers. 

Please contact Michael or Frank for other Light Microscopy services and rates.  Please contact Frank for other Electron Microscopy rates.


Advisory Committee

Oversight of the AIF is provided by an advisory committee comprised of:

(last update 2 Jan 08)

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