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Policy of codes for doors to AIF.

Effective on or about May 29, 2002, all doors to the AIF are accessible by a swipe card system. To access the AIF after hours, each user must have his/her own up-to-date AECOM I.D.

ONE USER PER CODE; ONE CODE PER USER.  The person to whom access is assigned is responsible for all entries to the AIF with this card.  If you lose your I.D., it is your responsibility to tell us to turn off your code.  If somebody else is using your card and they cause a problem, you will be held responsible for the problem.

DO NOT LET ANYBODY ELSE IN.  If somebody else is coming into the AIF at the same time you are but they are not working with you, they must swipe their own card. This may seem impolite, but it protects you in case they mess up a piece of equipment. If they don't use their code because they enter on your coattails, we have to assume any problems are your fault.

NEVER GIVE YOUR CARD TO ANOTHER PERSON.  Even somebody else in your lab. Everybody who works after hours and who is allowed to work completely unassisted on a piece of equipment must have a code. People who are not allowed to work unassisted do not have a code. If somebody else is using your code and they cause a problem, you will be held responsible for the problem.

At any time we may disable your code. Any infraction of the above may result in a loss of door code and your inability to work after hours unassisted. If we disable your code, we will make a good faith attempt to contact you or your PI immediately.

We have read and understand the above:

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print name                   principal investigator print name

___________________________  ___________________________________
Sign name                    PI sign name

___________________________  ___________________________________
date                         Equipment trained on

_________________________    ___________________________________
Phone # or email             Trained by (signature of AIF Staffmember)

__________________________   ___________________________
Grant Number                 Expiration Date
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