Digital Station #1

Olympus IX70 inverted microscope

System Specification
Standard Configuration (custom configuration available upon request)

Microscope Olympus IX70 inverted

*10x N.A. 0.30 Phase 1
*20x N.A .0.40 Phase 1
*40x N.A. 0.60 Phase 2 LWD (for use with substrates thicker than coverslips)
*40x for use with coverslips available by request
*60x N.A. 1.4 Phase 3 (green)

Condensers *Long Working Distance (N.A. 0.55)
*(Short Working Distance (N.A. 1.00) in cabinet on wall)
*Extra Long WD (N.A. 0.3) for microinjection available by request
Fluorescence Filters *Dapi, FITC, Rhodamine, CY5
*Alternative Sets for CFP, YFP, and others by request
Computer Dimension 4500 with CD/DVD burner, Zip drive, USB ports, Firewire, Internet file transfer
Camera Sensicam QE cooled CCD camera
Software IP Lab; Photoshop CS2; ImageJ; Excel
Automated Hardware LUDL excitation filter wheels; ASI emission filter wheel; ASI focus motor; Uniblitz shutter for transmitted light


New As Of July 2007

Turn on System

Viewing Samples by Eye

Transmitted Light


Phase Contrast

Koehler Illumination

*Contrast (for brightfield and DIC) can be adjusted using condenser diaphragm. (lever on the left of the Long Working Distance condenser).
**The Koehler Illumination should be checked and adjusted every time you switch objective lenses or if you are imaging live cells, every time you change dishes .

Click here for an illustrated version of Koehler Illumination.

Halogen Lamp Filters


For the simpliest operation, which is one fluorescent probe at a time, both Ludl filter wheels must be set to filter position #1. You then set the filter manually on the microscope.

Image Acquistion

Two methods for taking pictures are mentioned.

For both methods, start here:

Method 1(Quick Snap):

Method 2 :

To Collect a Z-Series

Use the 6D acquire or Multimode Acquire commands within IPLab.

Enter the values for:


We may put a microinjection system on this microscope if required.

At the End of Your Session

Return the microscope to it's default settings


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